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The mission of Nature's Acres Nursery is to be a force of nature. We work to comprehend, harness and unleash vital ecosystem processes.  Our all-organic nursery operations work with nature and mimic the time proven processes of our local ecology.  We pioneer methods to use native plants as living infrastructure in the built environment.  We believe that the most difficult part of restoring our natural habitats is getting the permission to do so.  Our most important clients are the organisms that depend on the plants we grow.

      Josiah Clark:  Josiah has been working in the fields of of habitat restoration and wildlife monitoring for over two decades.  After working for the "Grow Crissy Field Campaign"  in the GGNRA, he went to work with the San Francisco Natural Areas Program.  He started Habitat Potential in 2002, where he works as a consulting ecologist.  His intimate knowledge of local ecology, processes and organisms is unsurpassed.  Josiah is a leading expert on wildlife habitat, invasive plants and the management of terrestrial and wetland plant communities. He is an authority on birds of the Bay Area and has been mentored by legendary local naturalists.  He is the author of numerous popular publications including "The Birds of the Presidio" checklist.  In the summer he holds the title of Habitat Restoration Coordinator, where he introduces hundreds of under-served youth to environmental stewardship.  Josiah has led bird tours in many Latin American countries.  He has worked with indigenous groups in Ecuador and Venezuela to document and catalog bird diversity on native lands and to preserve the cultural knowledge of vanishing indigenous names.  Josiah studied Restoration Ecology at UC Santa Cruz, where he earned his degree in Environmental Studies.  The idea for a native plant nursery came to him with the realization that native plants must ultimately do the majority of the work to heal damaged land.  

Andrew Scavullo P.E.:  Andrew was raised at the foot of Tank Hill in San Francisco and is the proud owner of the California license plate PLNTN8V  (plant native!).  He studied environmental studies and earth science at UC Santa Cruz and Engineering at Montana State University.  He received an MS in Rangeland Management from UC Berkeley.  Andrew is a registered professional Civil Engineer and maintains a landscape contractor license.  Andrew works as a staff engineer for the geotechnical engineering firm of Rollo and Ridley Inc. of San Francisco and also runs the firm’s soil testing laboratory. Andrew has designed and installed large scale earthwork projects that created new riparian corridors and wetlands.  Pushing a bulldozer through low permeability sandy clay to create a seasonal pond that will allow newly planted sedges and rushes to filter sediments and uptake nutrients before run off enters a nearby stream is almost as satisfying to Andrew as hanging a home made nesting box from a Blue Oak tree in April and watching Western Bluebirds fly inside it within 90 seconds.  As an engineer, Andrew loves retaining walls, concrete and excavators.  As an ecologist Andrew loves Oaks, Blue Elderberry shrubs, and Ash Throated Fly Catchers.   As an ecological engineer, Andrew believes that nature can be re-built: that degraded systems can be restored and ecological processes rekindled.  As co-owner of Nature’s Acres Nursery he is in charge of all nursery infrastructure including irrigation, structures and soil.  In growing native plants Andrew has learned to harness biological processes from rhizomatous root growth, nectar production, berry production and development of woody structure as dynamic living infrastructure that create and promote interactions between soil, water, micro organisms and animals.